About Tamarindo Vida

Pura Vida from Tommy, Tyler, Sean, and Otis.


Life is fast.  Keeping up with everything as it passes by in a blur is exhausting…

“Luckily” there is an app for that, right?   Yet another device is always there for us to keep track of bills, accounts, balances, appointments, commitments, friends, family, events, songs, movies, books, thoughts, beliefs… And vacation plans – which are always long overdue and well-deserved!

Which is why you’re here reading about us. So let’s talk about us…

We are trying to use our photography to remind people to slow down and capture the now.

Look at the trees, walk in the sand, drift away with the waves… Feel the wind, hear the birds, panic the first time you are welcomed to Costa Rica by a howler monkey.  Have a smile on your face as you unwind and enjoy the beautiful sunset in Tamarindo with your family and friends.  Take a break from your vacation and don’t worry about your dinner plans, the tour plans for tomorrow, the emails back home, the work back home, the hurries of life.  Slow down and just capture the now…

Be careful though, because it’s a funny thing when you slow down, you just might enjoy it.

That’s what happened to us.  We decided to slow down… We turned off the apps telling us we were late and decided to wear a watch showing only Tico Time… So you might see us there, but you might not.  Either way will be fine.  We decided to lose track of our schedule, we decided to look around and take in the now that is all around us.  We like this slower perspective way better.  Now when we look around we see people full of life, and we see a hurried world trying to take that away from them.  People are joyful when they take the time to slow down and feel it.  We want to photograph this feeling as often as we can.

We feel honored and humbled when we capture you in these moments, because it helps us remember to also slow down and take in these moments with you.  Our goal is to capture as many people as we can during these moments of joy.  We want to capture you enjoying the moment, capturing the now, far removed worrying about the future.

We hope that these photos are framed and displayed in your homes and will be reflected upon when you are having one of those days when the phone is ringing, buzzing, flashing, and even talking to you about being late and where you are supposed to be going.

Maybe put these photos right by the front door to remind you as you head out into the fast paced world to slow down and remember Tamarindo Vida.  Remember that the jungles in Costa Rica are still here, the waves are still breaking, the monkeys are still howling, and the birds are still singing.  As you take on your day, try to remember the Tico’s who were always quick to a smile and a “PURA VIDA” greeting.

Know that joy can happen always… Regardless of markets, currencies, politics, sales figures, balances, schedules, forecasts, profits, losses, and whether or not you are late for an important meeting.  Take a slow breath and have some comfort in that.

Be joyful always.  Capture the Now.  God Bless.